A noteworthy terroir

Terroir is a cultivated ecosystem including soil, climate, plant material and human activity. Our terroir is unique in the landscape of Champagne, thanks to its southern situation and its soil composed by hard limestones of the Portlandian on the plateaux and marly soils of the Kimmeridgian on the slopes. These marls contain many oyster fossils named Exogyra virgula, giving salinity and long finish to our Champagnes.

Pinot Noir reigns supreme on our terroir, our vineyard doesn’t make any exception. It composes the majority of our 22 hectares and embodies the true mark of the House’s style.


On its side, Chardonnay is a surprise on these soils of clay and limestone; both solar and mineral, it is a privileged ally in our blends, bringing delicacy and balance.


As for Pinot Blanc, one of the ‘forgotten’ grapes of Champagne, it holds a particular place thanks to its rarity and forms a cuvée on its own, so we can appreciate its floral and white flush aromas.


In the vineyard, we are working for growing methods respectful of soils, plants and humans: neither herbicide nor insecticide, light ploughing, precocious leaf removal… Our practices make  prophylaxis our first choice and lean on the skills of our team: our profession is first manual, and people are the heart of it.



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