Family history

Fruit of a tradition inherited since 5th generation, the winery Rémy Massin & Fils is the pursuit of a family adventure of passionate winegrowers dedicated to our lands. The long history settles in a single village: Ville-sur-Arce, in the heart of the Côte des Bar sub-region.




The first one to cultivate the vines was Louis-Aristide, born in 1865. His son Marius was fascinated by this perennial culture and decided to enlarge the familial vineyard, regardless of the few incomes generated by viticulture at that time.



In 1974, Champagne Rémy Massin et Fils bloomed thanks to Rémy, who decided to take over from the family estate and to make the company grow up into récoltant-manipulant level by elaborating his own Champagnes.


Guardians of this ancestral knowledge, the young generation continues to elaborate wines with precision and humility. We take great care of humans and lands, to pass to the next generation.